Inoxihp goes greener

Inoxihp believes that being responsible of own choices is a key factor for a successful company. We are responsible for our actions in any situation and any activity we are involved in. Starting from customer relationship, to INOXIHP workers and partners: ethical value is essential.


We decided to be an eco-friendly company, for this reason in 2008 we opted for a renewable energy source and installed photovoltaic panels. Our ethical approach is also shown by the type of product we are mainly specialised in: high pressure water systems and components, ecologic and low-pollution oriented.


A sign of our care for the environment is the recent installation, in our headquarters, of two water purifier dispensers and the supply of aluminum water bottles to every worker, to reduce plastic consumption. This is only Inoxihp first step towards environment impact reduction, a better sorted waste collection and an alternative to plastic coffee cups is being planned for the incoming months.


The path to sustainability is long, but Inoxihp is already on the way.