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Inoxihp focuses on digital technology to meet the world

The future of a great company is also determined by its ability to embrace innovation. Inoxihp has always centred its professional goal on how quickly it can find the best solutions for its customers. To achieve the best result, it has become increasingly important to reinvent and embrace the innovations required by the market and society. This occurs in all fields: from technological research to the management of corporate processes and communication. The experience acquired in our own industry has taught us the importance of communicating with the world through new technology and digital platforms. Web 3.0 has become a daily part of life in Inoxihp which is increasingly committed to communicating and interacting with customers and stakeholders through the latest digital tools. Thus, the transition has been made from a general, dispersive approach to a more direct and “genuine” contact, to make individuals feel part of the company’s path. In an ever more immediate, global and interactive world, this is the challenge to overcome in creating increasingly solid and real relations which turn into genuine communities. We started out as artisans and have ended up becoming an industrial business, but we have always kept in touch with our origins and the values that craftsmanship brings with it.
So, now we can define ourselves as increasingly digital global artisans who make the customer the focus of their goals and communicate increasingly across the board to offer experiences, rather than products.

This is why we have decided to make a video representing Inoxihp technology and giving people an overall view of the components and systems. This way we can guarantee transparency and the quality of our work. When digital technology meets experience and quality, innovation is born!